Dear Me: Fun and Funner (The Reception)

So we’ve had our first look, our posed shots, and I showed you the food.  The reception was by far the most relaxed part of the day. We all just kind of ran around like wild banshees. AND I LOVED IT.

guest photo

First, we cut the cake and fed each other the requisite bites. And then people wanted us to stand there. I swear every guest had a camera out. Be warned, apparently it’s law to take a picture of the bride and groom beside a pastry.

guest photo

You can tell we were grimacing and ready to be DONE. But eventually we were released. And then we posed for a few shots with a picture frame that one of our guests happened to have IN HIS CAR.

guest photo

 Out guests were playing lawn games. And they were having a blast!

I watched my brand-new husband play croquet for the first time.

I had a second helping of ice cream.

The kids played.

And the bigger kids danced.

guest photo

guest photo

And then… it was done. We were married. We went home and began our lives as man and wife.

You shouldn’t run off just yet, though! I’m going to share the ceremony up next!


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  1. Jo said

    This looks like so much fun!

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