Dear Me: All the Small Things (And the Food)

Since I’m not really ready to talk about the ceremony yet, I’m stalling you guys with the rest of the wedding. Here are a few detail shots and, of course, the FOOD. 

A shot of the rings on the guest book pen, in the background we have the card box.



The rings again, this time nestled into my bouquet


The cake, which I’m told was fabulous. In the vases were the cranes that were meant to hang from the ceiling at our original venue. Hooray for plan b. And do you see the stuff on the wall? My aunts decided to hang leftover decorations there. I laugh every time I think about it.


Our drinking jars, which were a hit. Everyone was so excited when we told them they doubled as favors. Some people took three or four!  Also pictured, our paper straws.


The star of the afternoon was really the ice cream. Everyone looked like kids in a candy shop!


And they sort of were, because we had a number of toppings and syrups to go on top! Whoppers, gummi bears, peanuts, colored sprinkles, chocolate sprinkles, Andes chips and Reeses magic shell, strawberry syrup, chocolate syrup, butterscotch syrup, regular magic shell.  I still get hungry thinking about this buffet.



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