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Waxing Poetic

I know I should be in recaps right now, but while I wait for the final edit of the professional pictures, I’m going to publish some things I’ve had in my drafts folder!


I’ve always used a razor-

I’m quite good with a blade-

but if it comes to the wedding

how should “preparations” be made?

I’m looking up my options

for getting my legs to be bare,

but what to you do with a woman

whose never been more adventurous than Nair?

Waxing seems to be popular

and longer lasting, too.

I’m feeling apprehensive

about my lady parts and blistering goo.

I’ll call for an appointment

and give it just a try.

I’m bringing a friend for moral support

and to hand me tissues if I cry.


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I love chick flicks

My sweet friend Bella blogged today about what a proposal should be and what a proposal shouldn’t be. She built her whole post on a quote from Runaway Bride! See the post here.

PS, I’m HBC.

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