Epic E-pics

I’m waiting on the professional pictures of the wedding day before I start the recaps, but I might as well give you the engagement picture showcase while I wait! It was a rainy day (that umbrella was the one I keep in the backseat of my car, a happy happenstance), but it really turned out for the best. All photos by Serene Spaces Photography, who fit our budget perfectly.

We started at Dogwood park, which at the time was only the place he proposed. A week or two later we had complications and we moved the wedding to this location. We were the first couple to be married there!

At the venue seating



A horse-laughing outtake!


At the gazebo where he proposed, also the site of our first look






Change of location: From park to train depot





Doggy outtakes: "Please don't hurt me!"



  1. Love the umbrella – such serendipity! Just caught up on the venue change via your links, how awful. Can’t wait to see your wedding photos, the park holds a lot of history for you 🙂

  2. Jo said

    You guys are adorable!!!

  3. Jennifer said

    I love your dress!!!!!

  4. Bellanouva said

    Awwww so cute! good looking couple
    love the doggy pics!

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