Bringing the Heavy

If you are looking for a fun post, skip down the page. This is the least fun post ever.

Being married is terrifying. And HG and I have cried every day. We don’t want to not be married, but we aren’t really handling the enormity of being married very well. Nothing has changed, but everything’s changed. And I’m crying right now trying to tell you about this. He’s still my Favorite, and I’m still his Heart, but we’re scared shitless. And I wish someone would’ve told me how scary it is to be a wife. We knew coming into this that it was Big and that it was Life Changing. Let me tell you this, though, nothing ever ever ever could’ve prepared me for this feeling.  There’s my advice from this side of the aisle. Be prepared to be scared.



  1. Wow. * HUGS HUGS HUGS * I care about you and this post is terrifying. I hope you are okay…

  2. Franny said

    *** HUGS *** change is hard, but I’m sending happy thoughts

  3. Bellanouva said

    *hugs* I totally get it (the heavy is already there, hiding in the background, even though I’m not engaged yet. Baby steps, right?)

    You guys will work it through, you just have to let the change settle in

    • I’m glad you could read this post, then. I wish someone had told me this might happen so I wouldn’t have been blindsided!

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