48-hour wife

I’m typing this as we’re about to head out for the honeymoon location, so clearly, I thought I had something worthwhile to type about. I’ve been legally bound to this guy for roughly 48 hours now, and I gotta say, I feel mostly the same, but when we went out for breakfast his morning at Cracker Barrel, I felt a kinship with all the older couples sitting there eating their sausage and pancakes. They chatted me up in line, even though we never mentioned our newlywed status. I guess we recognize each other as being on the same team. It’s a pretty great thing to feel.

Here’s a guest photo from the moment right after our “man and wife” kiss:



  1. Jo said

    😀 Congratulations!

    And oh my, this picture takes my breath away.

  2. Clare said

    Beautiful picture! Being married is like being in a club 🙂

  3. Emily said

    I can’t wait to see more pictures!! Beautiful!!

  4. Bellanouva said

    Congrats dear! Also, kick ass blog you have here. I shall have to keep track of it! 😀

    Such adorable pictures love, and hilarious videos. I think Im going to have to play catch up a bit tho!

    See you laters!

  5. A.S. said

    Yay!!! Congratulations!

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