Or, to quote one of the greatest movies of my generation:

Yeah. The f-bomb was called for. My guest list dropped by 40% in the span of two days, my dress is still at the alterations place and the lady won’t answer the phone, and we aren’t having a rehearsal dinner. And I will probably have a big bruise on my arm in the morning. 

BUT.  There are a lot of good things, too. I’m saving those until after the wedding and I can get a clearer picture of this time.

In the mean time, I gotta have me more boats and hoes.

PS, I get to marry this guy!



  1. Jo said

    Holy. Crap. Dear Universe, please stop harassing/testing/raining on their parade!

    Sorry about the guest list, and the lady not answering the phone.

    Hurray for that guy, though!

  2. Katherine said

    I’m sure it will be fine….but 40%, whoa! What happened? You two are such a gorgeous couple 🙂

  3. Bellanouva said

    LMAO- also yeah, Im glad it all worked out in the end, and that you two had a fabtastic day!

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