Weatherman says it’s gonna be a hot one

And I’m not just on a Josh Turner  kick!

If you haven’t heard, a heat wave is sweeping across the Southeast right now. were in the mid to upper 90’s where we ought to be at least ten degrees cooler. Accuweather is predicting a heat index of over 100 for Friday. Today I called/emailed/facebooked everyone who RSVP’d yes to the wedding to tell them that and encourage them to wear cool clothes.

If you happen to have that situation on your wedding day, I’d encourage you to provide the same courtesy service.



  1. Jo said

    I heart Josh Turner!!

    That is so very sweet of you to do! I’ll be sure to keep you in mind next month. I can’t decide whether I’m more terrified of extreme heat or torrential downpour…

  2. Emily said

    I recently saw someone who had an outside wedding and they had programs that turned into fans. How incredible! I mean, I’m not doing an outside wedding, and it’s too late for yours, but maybe someone else?

    Kudos to you for giving the guests a heads up, esp if they’re out of towners.

    And boo for this hot. I live in AL and I’m feeling ya with this heat. Yuck.

  3. Yikes! That is a hot one. It was late August in Georgia when we got married and about 95 degrees + humidity on our wedding day. I thought that having a 6:30 PM ceremony would help to cool things down a bit, but I was wrong. Since it rained all day leading up to the ceremony, it was only worse because the humidity was higher! That was great for you to contact your guests and let them know! 2 days!!

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