Positive experience

From JC Penney’s*!

My brother (the DOH) needed to get a new suit, and since he is 15 and still growing we put it off until much closer to the wedding. Unfortunately, a little too close. As we leave single digits in the wedding countdown, we recall a task that had fallen by the wayside what with all the other hubbub. Background info: I, at 5’9, am not particularly tall (or thin 😦 )for my family. My brother is 6’3ish and about a buck twenty-five. Today we set forth to find a suit in his size… jacket: 36L, pants: W30L36. JC Penney’s was not our first stop, but they were so helpful! We unfortunately did not have the time to order a suit in his perfect size, but we did find a black suit in 38L with 32/34 pants. Add a belt and we should be ok. The pants have enough seam allowance that we should be able to increase the length to an approximate fit.

You got a suit, Brother! {personal photo}

*AKA Penney’s if you are my mother.


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