Honeymoon, revisited

Things sure have changed since before I took a posting break. About half of the post drafts I have saved have no bearing on our wedding as it is today. Most of my previously published posts are now inspiration only. Today’s case, the honeymoon post. With a budget meant for one wedding now stretched to cover the cost of a wedding that will never be and the Plan B wedding, we were afraid we would not be able to take a honeymoon at all. But, with careful and judicious use of our good friend internet, we found a few bed and breakfasts. The B&B Happenstance Groom found is near Big South Fork, so we’d have plenty of hiking and other outdoor activity options, plus he says the cabin/ room we will rent is pet friendly! This means our stinky ball of love will probably get to come with us (and save us on boarding fees) on our three- or four-day vacation. I don’t know the name of the place yet, but he said he’d tell me when we got closer to the wedding- he doesn’t want me trying to micromanage (I delegated the HM to him because I was overwhelmed). We’ll need to mail the cost of the first night’s stay in as a deposit, but the rest is due on arrival and may be partially funded by wedding gift checks.

Is this what I’d always dreamed of? No. But when I feel disappointed about having a little, low-key honeymoon, I remind my self there will be time for honeymoons later, when there will be more time and more money.

And since everyone loves pictures, here are some photos from BSF and possible honeymoon diversions. As always, click photo for source.





  1. First and foremost, jealous that your pup is going to come with you on your honeymoon! I would take ours anywhere if he wasnt a 50 lb pitbull with humping problems!! Second, I think any honeymoon, wherever it may be, is perfect because it’s not about where you are but who you are with and what you make of it. So cliche, I know, but true!

    • Ours is a 50 pound pit with hugging problems..

      • Jennifer said

        Ha, most of them are.

        We actually ended up LENGTHENING our honeymoon so I could, um, work for part of it. My professional organization (of which I was an officer) had their conference in the DC area 2 days after the wedding. It was 2 1/2 days, so on Sunday night we drove down from upstate NY (we got married on Friday), and he did fun things like go to Ben’s Chili Bowl, the Lincoln Memorial, and the National Zoo, while I talked public sector HR and networked. (We also met up with some friends of mine in DC for drinks while we were there.)

        Then, after we wrapped up Weds am, we headed out to the Eastern shore of MD for 2 days. My in-laws, who live in Long Island, watched our dogs, so we drove back to NY on Friday evening (making a stop for dinner at Dogfish Head in Rehoboth Beach – yay!) and spent the weekend with them.

        I, too, am jealous you can bring your dog. It sounds like a lovely trip.

  2. Jo said

    That will be gorgeous!

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