How to order a wholesale dress from China

Remember how I decided to order a new dress? I ordered this one, specifically:

via lightinthebox

 The great thing about ordering from a China wholesaler is that you have the option to order specifically to your measurements. The terrible thing is that it’s hard to know what those measurements are. Luckily for you, I made this handy-dandy guide (also useful for figuring out online sizing charts on everyday clothes)!

Bust: measure at the nipple line (for me this is 38.5 inches)

Waist: measure where the skin creases as you bend to the side (28.5 inches for me)

Hip: measure where you see the widest part if you are looking dead on at a mirror. This is almost always at the trochanter. (for me, it is 39 inches)

Hollow to hem: This is NOT your height. Measure from the dip of your collarbone to where you’d like the hem to hit you. I measured to the floor.


Aside from the fact that I apparently couldn’t stand straight to save my life, you can see the three lines to mark the three torso measurements. Note also the little arrow pointing to the “hollow.”

Now, go forth, and order clothes online without fear!



  1. Emily said

    Awesome, awesome, awesome! And have you received said dress? Did it fit perfectly? About how much do Chinese wholesale dresses run? I’m the first of a lot of my friends to get married, so if they’re in a budget crunch I’d like to be able to help out!

    Again, awesome. That dress looks beautiful.

    • I got it the last couple days of April. It fits FABULOUSLY. I did take it to alterations to get hemmed because I added two inches of “just in case” to the hollow-to-hem measurement. Mine was about 220 total (the custom measurements add a small fee), but there are cheaper ones and more expensive ones, depending on the style and construction of the dress.

  2. Jo said

    This is AWESOME. I love knowing where to measure, patterns are usually not clearly defined.

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