You’re re-invited!

After we changed the location, we had to let folks know that it was changed! In the interest of time and the interest of budget, we opted to do an evite. There are a couple of sites that offer free invitation, but I opted for punchbowl.

After creating a free account, I chose in invitation design from their offerings, chose the color I wanted, and began to customize. I edited the text on the card, changed fonts and text sizes. It also had the option to change line spacing and alignment. Then, I picked an envelope liner and postage for the front of the envelope. I imported the email addresses for the folks I wanted to invite directly from my email address book, but you can also enter them manually.

When send then to your guests, they see an animated mailbox the opens and shows them the front of your envelope.

If you click to open as instructed, the animation begins once more, as your envelope is flipped around and the flap lifts (carefully, to preserve the liner, nach) and your invitation is revealed!

Your guests then receive a prompt to RSVP, but it does allow them to put the response off. If they choose that, then punchbowl offers to send them an email reminder (they pick when).

 Hope that helps you make the decision on paperless invitations! If anyone else used a similar method, I’d love to hear about it.

(photos from screenshots of the invitation)


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  1. Jo said

    These are so beautiful!

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