“Nice to meet you, I’m your other half”

Happenstance Groom and I have been dating since July of 2008. This is us in pictures. All are personal unless otherwise noted. Please enjoy the music while you look at our faces.

That's us on the left. May 2008, having lunch before his HS graduation. This is the very first day that I knew he liked me.

This one shows the cast I wore for six months after a playful shove ended in three torn ligaments. I already knew he was going to marry me.

Wrestling in my dorm room. I was cheating.

Our one year anniversary

We worked a LOT of summer camps. This one is Student Life at Covenant College, GA.

We go to the Opryland Hotel every winter to look at the lights.

My university graduation. BSN!

at a family reunion (mine) in Mississippi

a pretty good example of what you can find us doing at any given moment

evidence of the crap HG puts up with-- thanks, sugar!

One of our enagement photos {by Serene Spaces Photography}


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  1. Jo said

    a) you two are ADORABLE.
    b) I love the Opryland Hotel! It’s so beautiful, especially at Christmas.
    c) You guys are ADORABLE.

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