Engineering a positive relationship experience

I think we can all agree that the Happenstances are in need of something positive, yes? Today I went and bought three new fragrances. When I came home, I let HG choose which I would wear for the wedding day and the honeymoon. I want to create a scent memory* for us, and only wear that particular one for very special occasions. The one he chose was Jessica McClintock.


Previously, I had decided to wear Beautiful by Estee Lauder, my grandmother’s favorite scent. I chose a new one because it was more important to me to have something positive in our relationship (we’ll call it a “hug”). The choosing of the fragrance was a small hug, But it paves the way for more hugs, each time we smell the scent we will relive a positive moment (the wedding). That makes it a more lasting hug–a cyclical hug, if you will.

*a brief intro to scent memory



  1. Jo said

    I think this is GENIUS. Neither of us wear perfume/cologne, but I think there might be a point to doing this. If I’m going to be having a camping wedding, I might as well smell good!

    • I like to wear it as a part of dressing up. If I wear make up, I usually wear perfume, too!

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