The hits start coming and they don’t stop coming…

Unfortunately, Smash Mouth had it all too right when they sang those words.

After the drama from the last post, things keep getting in the way

  1. family feud resulted in a person making a false (felony) charge against one of my immediate family members
  2. I got a speeding ticket
  3. And a flat tire
  4. I went to the emergency room for a blood clot in my thigh.
  5. My stepfather was hospitalized for suspected Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever.
  6. My dog got into some people food and is currently covered in hives.


I suspect Nargles.



  1. Jo said

    Oh man. Hugs.

    The Smashmouth song you referenced is actually my and my mom’s ‘song’.

    Blood clot in the thigh and the other health stuff is terrifying!!

  2. Sarah said

    Oh, goodness. When it rains, it really pours. I’m sorry to hear about all of your (new) setbacks. Hopefully, we’ll both get some good news soon!

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