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Why does she keep saying that?!

I seem to write about “positive experiences” all the time. Well, that’s how I have to make myself look at the world. I have Major Depressive Disorder (MDD). In short, I feel swallowed up by a deep despair that seems to have no particular origin, and I feel that way most of the time. Jared is mostly understanding, although he does get frustrated with me at times. I’m sure it is very difficult for him, and sometimes his human, fallible self forgets that I can’t just “get over it” or “snap out of it.”

(I don’t mind questions, so if you have any, feel free to ask)


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Positive experience

From JC Penney’s*!

My brother (the DOH) needed to get a new suit, and since he is 15 and still growing we put it off until much closer to the wedding. Unfortunately, a little too close. As we leave single digits in the wedding countdown, we recall a task that had fallen by the wayside what with all the other hubbub. Background info: I, at 5’9, am not particularly tall (or thin 😦 )for my family. My brother is 6’3ish and about a buck twenty-five. Today we set forth to find a suit in his size… jacket: 36L, pants: W30L36. JC Penney’s was not our first stop, but they were so helpful! We unfortunately did not have the time to order a suit in his perfect size, but we did find a black suit in 38L with 32/34 pants. Add a belt and we should be ok. The pants have enough seam allowance that we should be able to increase the length to an approximate fit.

You got a suit, Brother! {personal photo}

*AKA Penney’s if you are my mother.

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Stop the world and let me off

I forgot about a rehearsal.

Today, I’m scrambling to come up with a plan for the rehearsal and rehearsal dinner. Here’s what I need to do to bring it together:

  • arrange four more hours of leave so that I get off at 4 on Thursday instead of 8, and I get home at 5:30 instead of 9:30.
  • make sure wedding posse are available
  • figure out what to feed them
  • decide how the ceremony will happen, because I, uh, haven’t yet.

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Old Married People

You probably don’t know this, but some of our weddingposse are married… to each other! Here’s a salute to the weddings that went before.

First up, Lady K and Gent N: married May 2009- photos by the groom’s uncle (a retired photographer)


Second, Lady A and Gent A: Married May 2010- photos by Tomorrows Memories Photography unless ptherwise noted


Oh and honorable mention to Lady W and Gent J. They’re dating, not married, but they hooked up at one of our NYE parties a while back and never unhooked!  (and shh, don’t tell them I told that story)

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Honeymoon, revisited

Things sure have changed since before I took a posting break. About half of the post drafts I have saved have no bearing on our wedding as it is today. Most of my previously published posts are now inspiration only. Today’s case, the honeymoon post. With a budget meant for one wedding now stretched to cover the cost of a wedding that will never be and the Plan B wedding, we were afraid we would not be able to take a honeymoon at all. But, with careful and judicious use of our good friend internet, we found a few bed and breakfasts. The B&B Happenstance Groom found is near Big South Fork, so we’d have plenty of hiking and other outdoor activity options, plus he says the cabin/ room we will rent is pet friendly! This means our stinky ball of love will probably get to come with us (and save us on boarding fees) on our three- or four-day vacation. I don’t know the name of the place yet, but he said he’d tell me when we got closer to the wedding- he doesn’t want me trying to micromanage (I delegated the HM to him because I was overwhelmed). We’ll need to mail the cost of the first night’s stay in as a deposit, but the rest is due on arrival and may be partially funded by wedding gift checks.

Is this what I’d always dreamed of? No. But when I feel disappointed about having a little, low-key honeymoon, I remind my self there will be time for honeymoons later, when there will be more time and more money.

And since everyone loves pictures, here are some photos from BSF and possible honeymoon diversions. As always, click photo for source.



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How to order a wholesale dress from China

Remember how I decided to order a new dress? I ordered this one, specifically:

via lightinthebox

 The great thing about ordering from a China wholesaler is that you have the option to order specifically to your measurements. The terrible thing is that it’s hard to know what those measurements are. Luckily for you, I made this handy-dandy guide (also useful for figuring out online sizing charts on everyday clothes)!

Bust: measure at the nipple line (for me this is 38.5 inches)

Waist: measure where the skin creases as you bend to the side (28.5 inches for me)

Hip: measure where you see the widest part if you are looking dead on at a mirror. This is almost always at the trochanter. (for me, it is 39 inches)

Hollow to hem: This is NOT your height. Measure from the dip of your collarbone to where you’d like the hem to hit you. I measured to the floor.


Aside from the fact that I apparently couldn’t stand straight to save my life, you can see the three lines to mark the three torso measurements. Note also the little arrow pointing to the “hollow.”

Now, go forth, and order clothes online without fear!

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You’re re-invited!

After we changed the location, we had to let folks know that it was changed! In the interest of time and the interest of budget, we opted to do an evite. There are a couple of sites that offer free invitation, but I opted for punchbowl.

After creating a free account, I chose in invitation design from their offerings, chose the color I wanted, and began to customize. I edited the text on the card, changed fonts and text sizes. It also had the option to change line spacing and alignment. Then, I picked an envelope liner and postage for the front of the envelope. I imported the email addresses for the folks I wanted to invite directly from my email address book, but you can also enter them manually.

When send then to your guests, they see an animated mailbox the opens and shows them the front of your envelope.

If you click to open as instructed, the animation begins once more, as your envelope is flipped around and the flap lifts (carefully, to preserve the liner, nach) and your invitation is revealed!

Your guests then receive a prompt to RSVP, but it does allow them to put the response off. If they choose that, then punchbowl offers to send them an email reminder (they pick when).

 Hope that helps you make the decision on paperless invitations! If anyone else used a similar method, I’d love to hear about it.

(photos from screenshots of the invitation)

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