Wedding papers. Oh. My. Goodness. There are so many things that are “necessary”. It’s so easy to get bogged down by all the things that the wedding industry says you’re supposed to have.

an accurate representation of my feelings

Don’t do it, though. Fight the (wo)Man.

Engagement notices– I already told the whole world once he finally proposed, no need to kill another tree! But in sincerity, facebook really does keep almost all the folks we know connected, and they found out there.

“Save the date” cards– I know that these are huge right now, but I think that the three month’s notice of the actual invitation should be sufficient for asking for leave at work. If other social commitments have arisen before the invitation was sent, I don’t plan to take it personally (I’m not the center of everyone’s world after all).

Place cards– open seating!

Donation cards– These are used to let guests know that in lieu of favors the couple had elected to make a donation to a certain chaitable organization in the name of each guest/couple. We won’t be doing these, but I really love this idea.

Direction sheets– most of my guests are internet savvy and know their way around a Mapquest page, so I’m providing the address on the invitations. If anyone has any other questions they’ll probably ask another guest; they also have both an email address and a phone number where they can reach me.

Hotel information sheets– I won’t be blocking off rooms at a hotel for our guests for several reasons, not the least of which being that my town only has one hotel.

Menu cards- I’ll be posting the list of options at the start of our bar, so this one is a yes and a no. I won’t be making one for each place setting, but there will be a couple of these made.

Ceremony programs– Our ceremony won’t be anything fancy. Just a walk, a (single) reading, and then the vows, That means programs are just one more hassle I don’t need, right?

Rehersal invitations– There’ll be an invitation issued, but it won’t be on paper. It’ll be in true Southern form of “Ya’ll come on over after the practice, we’ll have food fixed.”

“In case of rain cards”– One of the best things about a ceremony and reception that take place indoors is that if I were to have one of these cards, it would read, “Park close and bring an umbrella.” Sooo… not going to print that one.

Post-wedding brunch invitations– I’ll be on my honeymoon. Having sex. With my husband.

Shower invitations- I don’t know anything about these. I think they’re the responsibility of the person hosting the shower, and that won’t be me, chances are.

Ceremony/Reception invitations- We’ll be having these!

RSVP cards- these will be included on our invitations.

Registry cards- these are considered by some to be poor etiquette, but we’re voting with practicality on this one. Yes, we’re telling our guest about our registry (on separate card from the invitation and RSVP).

Social announcements– We are cutting these, too. Ruthless, I tell ya.

Thank-you notes- Not cutting these! We’ll be thanking our guests appropriately, never fear.

After cutting our losses, the to-do list still seems daunting. Did you give in to the paperpalooza?



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  2. Jo said

    This post made me crazy happy. Our paper is literally going to be wedding invitation postcards and then non-monogrammed napkins. There are NO OTHER PIECES OF PAPER associated with our wedding.

    oh, thank you notes. Those are going to happen!

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