Buffet equipment

Self-catering is pretty daunting at first, but it’s all about the right equipment. Here’s a list if the things I bought, along with a review.

The cups to contain the ice cream are from Java Packaging. They are exactly the way they are described on the site. There is an option to personalize (with your new, married monogram, perhaps?) for an extra fee.

The spoons I ordered are made of wood, just like the ones you used to get on those individual cups at school. I upgraded them a bit, opting for the ones with a spoon shape and 5 inch length. I order them from Food Service Warehouse. They are pretty as they are, but could also be gocco’d.

For the serving containers, I ordered these one-gallon bowls from Nationwide Party. I ordered them in clear. They arrived in black.  I’m lucky in that black was one of my colors anyway, but it would have been a mega hassle to have to return them.

Here, my ultra favorite component of this buffet, the ice cream scoop. I ordered these from Favor Favor. They are better quality than I expected and they are so, so, so adorable.

The LOVE dishes are from Wedding Star. I thought they were kind of high, but they were so cute that I couldn’t say no.

Remember to shop around for the best prices. I found TONS of versions of some of these things, but the prices varied. For example, one site listed the ice cream scoop for about 3 dollars, while I only paid $1.79 for them and I got low shipping.

Finally, one last PSA: Remember that you are buying from catering supply companies.  Buying wholesale means buying in bulk. Be prepared for big boxes.


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