Weddings are not important

I, a blogger who writes about her own wedding, am telling you that weddings are not important. They just aren’t, ok? They are fun. They are nice to have. They are not important.

What is important? Your marriage. You get one day, maybe a whole weekend for your wedding. Afterwards, you are expected to spend your entire life in this marriage you just created. We spend a lot of time looking up ideas for color schemes and option for table linens and we sweat while hand stitching the napkins that out guests will use to mop up the punch they accidentally spilled. How many hours do we spend preparing ourselves for the marriage?

Most couples- and by most, I mean out of those who prepare at all- will take premarital counseling. A few will even actually have those talks that they are advised to have.  I believe that it is my responsibility as one half of this union (and luckily so does HG)  to actively seek out ways to ensure that our marriage will be a happy and healthy one. Essentially, I want to save our marriage before our marriage.

To that end, we’ve elected to undergo counseling and we invested money and time into a few relationship books. 

To start off, however, I’d really like to share so ways to build you marriage that are free.  

You can check out community listings and see if there are any marriage classes offered. But I think the most important resource I can share with you is the internet. Obviously, you are computer savvy an comfortable with using the internet for self-education, after all you are on a topic-based blog.

  1. Marriage Builders
  2. Marriage Advice
  3. Marriage at About
  4. Healthy marriage initiative

Those are my favorite links!


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  1. pink.sequins said

    Great post, I totally agree with you. We have been in couples counseling since early in our relationship and it has helped our communication by leaps and bounds. Congrats on your marriage investment 🙂

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