A few of my favor-ite things

None of which are Jordan Almonds.

I bet you guessed by the title of this post that I’m going to be talking about wedding favors. And you’re right! Yay for you! I’ve been looking at favors with the mindset that, if I wouldn’t like to get it, I won’t give it. These are my top four favorite favor (say it fast!) ideas in no particular order.

card favors- How adorable would these be for a Vegas wedding? I think they’d even be a cute addition to groomsmen’s gifts.

coasters- I tend to fall hard for anything with this design on it. And who doesn’t like a coaster? It prevents rings, people.

bookmarks- Maybe it’s just my love of reading. Or of heart-shaped things. I would love to use this. FYI it also comes in  a other versions, which is are little less girly and probably more appreciated by the menfolk.

mousepads- If we had met online or had some sort of computer career, I’d be all over these. One of my favorite things about this favor is that I have nevah evah seen this done. 

As usual, click on any picture to find purchasing information


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