You’d better not sign my butt

In the quest to make this as much HG’s wedding as it is my own, some tasks have been delegated solely to him. That’s right, he made every decision on our guest book. He actually researched these things (like a bride does!) and narrowed down his options to a top four.

Option one: A white, bound book with blank pages. “So our guests can get creative.” This one was knocked out because not only was he unable to find one for sale anywhere, but I mentioned that we probably wouldn’t want to look at it very much after the wedding.

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Option two: A framed photo of us surrounded by a large mat. This option was taken out of the running due to the large guest list. Actually, to let you hear (or read) this from the source, here is what was sent to me in a facebook message: “Another idea that seems attractive would be to get a very large photo of ourselves and have people sign it. It would then be framed and we could hang it on a wall or some such thing; however when the number of anticipated guests is considered I don’t think this idea very practical.”



Option three: Pieces of paper that guests can share wishes or write funny things on. I never got a comment on why he ruled that one out. Again, a quote: I also rather like the idea I quote here, which is more of an associated concept than a stand alone idea.
“Make it personal: Rather than your guests just writing down their name, address, and a short “Congratulations”, ask them to write their favorite memory of you, advice for a happy marriage, or even use your invitations to ask guests to bring a special photograph or other token to include in your book.”


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Obviously, option four was the winner. Option four is a photo album made on Snapfish or Blurb (or any such place) with blank space left to sign.

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I was hoping that would be the one he picked, since that was the one I liked best out of his top four. Now I can’t wait to see the whole thing put together!


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