And now altar arrangements

I bought four large cylinder glass vases at TJ Maxx.  They will be the arrangement point for those First, add a stem wire to your blossom with floral tape. I did two blossoms per stem.

 I arranged the flowers in my vases, dividing them evenly. Just poke around until they look nice. Depending on your vase, you may find that a block of floral foam helps you a lot. Since my vases are clear, I wanted to cover the ugly wire stems. I had some gold tissue paper leftover from some thing or another, so I wrapped the vase with that. I secured it with double sided tape, and tied some leftover ribbon around it for a finishing touch.

Cost breakdown:

Tissue paper: About half of a mega pack that I bought for 5 dollars ($2.50)

floral stems, floral wire, floral tape: Hobby Lobby $1.50 each ($4.50)

Ribbon: leftover, but a spool runs about 2 or 3 bucks.

Vases: The tall ones were 9.99 each, the shorter ones were 6.99 each ($34)

Total cost for four arrangements: $41

I loooooove that I’ll get to use the vases again in my home, so that’s really a good investment and I’ll be using the remnants of everything else for my next project.

But wait! Someone else wants his contribution recognized!

Happenstance dog says that thumbs are overrated.


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