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Wedding papers. Oh. My. Goodness. There are so many things that are “necessary”. It’s so easy to get bogged down by all the things that the wedding industry says you’re supposed to have.

an accurate representation of my feelings

Don’t do it, though. Fight the (wo)Man.

Engagement notices– I already told the whole world once he finally proposed, no need to kill another tree! But in sincerity, facebook really does keep almost all the folks we know connected, and they found out there.

“Save the date” cards– I know that these are huge right now, but I think that the three month’s notice of the actual invitation should be sufficient for asking for leave at work. If other social commitments have arisen before the invitation was sent, I don’t plan to take it personally (I’m not the center of everyone’s world after all).

Place cards– open seating!

Donation cards– These are used to let guests know that in lieu of favors the couple had elected to make a donation to a certain chaitable organization in the name of each guest/couple. We won’t be doing these, but I really love this idea.

Direction sheets– most of my guests are internet savvy and know their way around a Mapquest page, so I’m providing the address on the invitations. If anyone has any other questions they’ll probably ask another guest; they also have both an email address and a phone number where they can reach me.

Hotel information sheets– I won’t be blocking off rooms at a hotel for our guests for several reasons, not the least of which being that my town only has one hotel.

Menu cards- I’ll be posting the list of options at the start of our bar, so this one is a yes and a no. I won’t be making one for each place setting, but there will be a couple of these made.

Ceremony programs– Our ceremony won’t be anything fancy. Just a walk, a (single) reading, and then the vows, That means programs are just one more hassle I don’t need, right?

Rehersal invitations– There’ll be an invitation issued, but it won’t be on paper. It’ll be in true Southern form of “Ya’ll come on over after the practice, we’ll have food fixed.”

“In case of rain cards”– One of the best things about a ceremony and reception that take place indoors is that if I were to have one of these cards, it would read, “Park close and bring an umbrella.” Sooo… not going to print that one.

Post-wedding brunch invitations– I’ll be on my honeymoon. Having sex. With my husband.

Shower invitations- I don’t know anything about these. I think they’re the responsibility of the person hosting the shower, and that won’t be me, chances are.

Ceremony/Reception invitations- We’ll be having these!

RSVP cards- these will be included on our invitations.

Registry cards- these are considered by some to be poor etiquette, but we’re voting with practicality on this one. Yes, we’re telling our guest about our registry (on separate card from the invitation and RSVP).

Social announcements– We are cutting these, too. Ruthless, I tell ya.

Thank-you notes- Not cutting these! We’ll be thanking our guests appropriately, never fear.

After cutting our losses, the to-do list still seems daunting. Did you give in to the paperpalooza?


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Shopping like a madwoman

Quick fact: I have to drive to the next county to encounter a wedding dress shop.

So I did, and I went to both of them. The first place was an absolute disaster, none of the samples fit my style. The second store I tried on about 10 and hate almost all but three of them.

Number one was a Sophia Tolli halter made of chiffon. I cannot find photos of this dress ANYWHERE. It must be discontinued.

Number two was this Mori Lee confection. LOVED the tulle-y skirt.

Last was this dress by Casablanca. I tried on the sample and it fit like a dream. The consultant called Casablanca to try to find me one anywhere. They knew of none in white in any size, and I couldn’t find one on a preowned site.

I decided to buy a dress from China.

Buying a dress from China is a worrisome venture. Quality is not assured, and you don’t know what the working conditions are like in their production lines. The site I have decided to buy from is Light in the Box. I have found pretty good reviews for them and no warnings about the working conditions. More to come when I get the dress!

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Buffet equipment

Self-catering is pretty daunting at first, but it’s all about the right equipment. Here’s a list if the things I bought, along with a review.

The cups to contain the ice cream are from Java Packaging. They are exactly the way they are described on the site. There is an option to personalize (with your new, married monogram, perhaps?) for an extra fee.

The spoons I ordered are made of wood, just like the ones you used to get on those individual cups at school. I upgraded them a bit, opting for the ones with a spoon shape and 5 inch length. I order them from Food Service Warehouse. They are pretty as they are, but could also be gocco’d.

For the serving containers, I ordered these one-gallon bowls from Nationwide Party. I ordered them in clear. They arrived in black.  I’m lucky in that black was one of my colors anyway, but it would have been a mega hassle to have to return them.

Here, my ultra favorite component of this buffet, the ice cream scoop. I ordered these from Favor Favor. They are better quality than I expected and they are so, so, so adorable.

The LOVE dishes are from Wedding Star. I thought they were kind of high, but they were so cute that I couldn’t say no.

Remember to shop around for the best prices. I found TONS of versions of some of these things, but the prices varied. For example, one site listed the ice cream scoop for about 3 dollars, while I only paid $1.79 for them and I got low shipping.

Finally, one last PSA: Remember that you are buying from catering supply companies.  Buying wholesale means buying in bulk. Be prepared for big boxes.

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And now, we eat the ice cream

Rather than try to describe the way our ice cream buffet (as outlined in plan B) will work, I’m going to walk you through the line as if you were there. I’m using my little bookcase as a makeshift table.

First, you’ll see the little cups and spoons. Please, take one of each.

Moving on down the line, you see the ice cream sitting there, just waiting for you to come along and take some. (and yes, those are table runners masquerading as delicious dairy treat)

Oh look! Now you have all this ice cream on your dish. You know what would go nicely with that? Toppings. You should add some of the ones offered out of these bowls.

Now, please sit and enjoy your ice cream!

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At least I won’t drown

Notice a posting lag? You weren’t imagining it! I’ve been having a wedding crisis. Remember my ebay dress steal?  It doesn’t fit anymore!

Before you start the lecture about how it was irresponsible of me to buy my dress 2 years before the wedding, rest assured that I didn’t gain weight or lose weight- nothing so simple for me. the problem lies with my two breast friends.

I started on “the pill” in february in preparation for this whole being married thing, and I’ve had one problem. The horomones make my dairy pillows grow. My bust measurement has grown at least an inch and a half since then. This means that, you guessed it, my perfectly fitting dress doesn’t have enough seam allowance to accomodate this change. I’m looking into a few options, including adding a corset back to it. Stay tuned for updates!

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Ice cream logistics

I like to have a plan. Wedding day food is no exception. Earlier, I revealed my secret for reception dining. Here’s how I plan for it to go down.

Plan A: Beg, borrow, or steal a soft serve machine. Have a lucky volunteer man the pump, and have toppings set up on the table for guests to get their imagination on. Potential toppings: m&ms, gummy bears, crushed Oreos, sprinkles, chocolate covered raisins, various syrups (butterscotch, chocolate, caramel, magic shell).

Plan B: buy several big bowls and ice cream by the gallon. Wrap a warm towel around the gallon containers, wait about thirty seconds, then upend the containers in to the bowls. They come out perfectly formed. Put a scoop in each container and you’re done!

Plan A is easier but Plan B is a perfectly viable option, especially on short notice. I’ve done it on a small scale for cookouts or showers.

What wedding projects do you have a plan B for?

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Weddings are not important

I, a blogger who writes about her own wedding, am telling you that weddings are not important. They just aren’t, ok? They are fun. They are nice to have. They are not important.

What is important? Your marriage. You get one day, maybe a whole weekend for your wedding. Afterwards, you are expected to spend your entire life in this marriage you just created. We spend a lot of time looking up ideas for color schemes and option for table linens and we sweat while hand stitching the napkins that out guests will use to mop up the punch they accidentally spilled. How many hours do we spend preparing ourselves for the marriage?

Most couples- and by most, I mean out of those who prepare at all- will take premarital counseling. A few will even actually have those talks that they are advised to have.  I believe that it is my responsibility as one half of this union (and luckily so does HG)  to actively seek out ways to ensure that our marriage will be a happy and healthy one. Essentially, I want to save our marriage before our marriage.

To that end, we’ve elected to undergo counseling and we invested money and time into a few relationship books. 

To start off, however, I’d really like to share so ways to build you marriage that are free.  

You can check out community listings and see if there are any marriage classes offered. But I think the most important resource I can share with you is the internet. Obviously, you are computer savvy an comfortable with using the internet for self-education, after all you are on a topic-based blog.

  1. Marriage Builders
  2. Marriage Advice
  3. Marriage at About
  4. Healthy marriage initiative

Those are my favorite links!

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