Cooking up fun with our posse

Instead of sending out a “Will you be my bridesmaid (or groomsman!)” invitations, Happenstance Groom and I decided we needed to have a get-together. I left the orchestration to my fantastic fiance, and he did a great job with everything. We had a cookout at a local park.

The menu? Bacon burgers from Cope’s.

This slaughterhouse uses fresh beef and grinds the bacon up along with the hamburger. It is a must-eat.

To go with the burgers and fixins we had chips. Simple? Yes. Delicious? Most certainly. And a cookie cake!

We played card games (Texas Hold’em for the gents and Disney Princess Uno for the ladies) and generally had a nice time together. Here’re some of my favorite random shots from the day:

groom's gents M and J between rounds of poker

Gent A is doing a Hank Hill impression, I think

Lady K is sad about how many cards she just had to draw

HG hard at work

Happenstance Brother, T, is showing us that a paper crane can too fly!

Gent M is grilling with style, yo

T and me having a swinging contest

He's way taller than 22-year-old me and he's only 14!

Lady W and I were kicking Princess Uno butt, and looked like princesses to boot!

My favorite image of the day: I look so pleased, but HG looks like he is merely resigned to his fate

* all personal photos


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