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A first look, meaning the bride and groom see each other before the big moment when the bride walks down the aisle, is something I never heard of in my pre-affianced life. I always thought that everyone waited until the aisle-walk.

I can definitely see how that would be really convenient. You could have all of your pictures out of the way before the ceremony and not miss any reception time. You also have the option of going through the areas of your ceremony and reception and double checking everything together. I also feel like it might take a bit away from the moment. Eh. I asked Mr. Dear what he wanted to do, you know, to look or not to look. You’d’ve thought I’d suggested we find an Elvis impersonator and stand on our heads while we say our vows. I wish I had a picture of his face. He actually looked a little green. Credibly, though, he didn’t make his reaction too strong. He wants to keep the moment sacred. I guess that’s that as far as the first look goes.

 PS; I secretly hope he cries. Just a little overwhelmed-by-the-moment-and-your-beauty tear or two. What about you? Are you looking?


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