Fun with scanners

  One not-so-very-special Thursday, we decided to register. We had decided on WalMart (because it’s convenient for most people and has reasonable prices) and Kohl’s (because they have my dishes).

It was fun at first, kind of like  a cross between a scavenger hunt and when your kindergarten teacher let you pick something out of the “prize box” when you were good.




Toward the end, though, it felt more like a cross between long division worksheets and finding your car in the mall parking lot. Probably because we hadn’t eaten breakfast.



When we went to Kohl’s, the sweet customer service lady had a time find a scanner that would stay charged long enough for us to use. Luckily, we only added about 15 things to that list.

At WalMart, the scanner was a pain about changing the number of each item requested, so we had to scan the item multiple times if we wanted multiple of that item. Not a big inconvenience, just a learning curve.

You know how other brides always say the only thing that their groom was excited about was using the scanner? Not my groom. He was excited about the scanner… and this microwave:


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