But who will take the pictures?

I considered several photographers before I chose one. There really wasn’t really a bad choice among them. I was concerned about how they’d affect my budget. The least expensive package was still fully ten percent of my budget and the most expensive is almost half of my budget. I was having a really hard time balancing the fact that I really love their photography with the hard reality of the money I have allotted to spend on this shindig.¬† I can’t have my cake and have pictures of it, too. So far this is the only aspect of the wedding budget that’s really got me bummed. If we don’t have the money, we don’t have the money, you know?

But then, I went with a completely different choice.

I was initially worried because she has never done a wedding before.* I can’t remember how I found her, it might have been a random search, or it may have been through LSN. Anyhow, I found her and her pricing was in my budget, so I took a look through her galleries. I’m digging her style and the playfulness of her shots.

We (and that included Happenstance Groom!) set up a meeting and chatted about questions we both had (although I forgot the list of questions that I so awesomely prepared) and about a few random things. About a week later I emailed her and let her know our decision. It was really easy, looking back, but I was super nervous before the interview.


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