And then I was like, “Whoa.”

I had a teeny bridal meltdown.

Like this girl:


My photographer is pregnant. And due June 13th. In case you are just tuning in, my wedding date is June 10th. Basically, I need to book a new photog. I’m pretty stressed about it, since even though she is just starting in the business, I’m pretty sure she has what it takes to be stellar.  I was proud of myself for getting in early on that talent before  her prices go up to what they ought to be.

Needless to say, this was stressing me out. Not just because now I have to do all that work over again and pray someone has an open date, but because if she doesn’t shoot my wedding, she doesn’t get a paycheck. Just having a new baby is not the time to be short on funds.

She did let me know that she would be unable to shoot our wedding, and that at least took the “I’m a bad guy” feeling away. I still had to look for a new photographer, though.

It was like deja vu.

I met with the lady behind the lens at Serene Spaces Photography.

At first, we emailed back and forth about the date and the potential packages. I was pleased with my options so we arranged a meeting.

One sunny Friday we met and Miss Marenda’s Tea Room for lunch.

unknown source

We both ordered the salad trio, which is a broccoli salad, a chicken salad served on homemade bread, and a fruit salad. Then, we got to work. I had emailed her my question list which she had answered and emailed back to me before I even got home that day. We went over a few of the answers and told each other a  bit about ourselves, and talked about engagements (she’d been engaged exactly a month on the day of our consultation), and looked at the photos from her most recent wedding.  We chatted for two hours. I liked her. She’s booked.

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