What’s going on under there?

I just made you sat underwear! (I think. Did you?)

Please, someone else remember these...


What’s underneath the clothes is almost as important as the clothes themselves, if you ask me. The full skirt of  Dress is forgiving as far as butt and thigh jiggle go no need to wear spanx. However, with Dress I need some major boob intervention. I was blessed (cursed?) with a rack. My dress is strapless, but has no built-in boning. No so good for the blessings. I’m going to need some support that won’t show through.

I am looking for a longline bra (also sold as a corset or a torsolet), since I have a fear that a strapless will let me down. Literally. I’ve searched several lingerie sites and learned something- scratch that, I already knew it- companies don’t sell bras for ladies with a small rib measurement and a larger chest measurement very much.

I’m going to be honest here and tell you I resorted to an Amazon.com search. I found some contenders. I’m glad I made that search. Most of my hits though, seemed to be coming from one retailer (herroom, NSFW) I ended up just going directly to their site. I hit a longline that came not only in DD, but also in the 30 band size I need. It’s from Jezebel. The garment comes in white, black, ivory, and nude. I chose nude. It fits pretty well, too. The shipping was longer than I expected, but there were a lot of weather problems around that time with a lot of flights being delayed, so I’m not sure how much of that 3 weeks was their fault. Oh yeah, and in the shipping box, they had a piece of paper with a picture of undies on it that said “Please wear yours when trying on ours.” I lol’d.

I’m borrowing a can-can (or crinoline or petticoat, whatevs).

 What’s your “hidden agenda” for the big day?


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