The dress hunt

Do I smell wedding dress?

I knew what I wanted out of my dress before I actually had the ring on my finger. In short, I wanted to look like a frickin’ cupcake. So like most God fearin’ women, I headed out to try on dresses with my best friend within 3 days of the proposal. There was no camera on this trip, so use your noggin, darling.

Dress one: chosen by me– It was a Casablanca, lovely tulle-y skirt, flowered applique and a sweetheart neckline. The best part was that the diaphanous layers of skirt swirled whenever I shook what my mama gave me moved.

Dress two: mermaid-y and rouched, another sweetheart neckline.The pros: Who knew I had such a kickin’ shape? The cons: By this time I was deciding that sweethearts were serious over emphasis of my two breast friends. The last day I want to look “buxom” (that’s the word we’re using) is our wedding day, when I’m wearing my chastely white dress. Also, while I totally felt Jessica Rabbit, I didn’t feel like a bride.

Dress three: chosen by the best friend. It was blingy and glamorous, strapless and slightly fuller than your average A-line. It was very flattering on, but it wasn’t me. It was her. And I can’t rock that look like she can.

I tried the first one back on decided it was most likely the one. I wrote down it’s info along with my info for the store, and left without paying’. (probably NSFW) I made no decision that day because it was not really an “I’m looking” trip, it was a trip inspired by engagement high. That’s why there are no pictures. Unfortunately, that was also my ONLY trip to a store before making a purchase.

After my previous dress shopping adventure, I did what people of this generation do: I looked around at my online options. There are sites like preownedweddingdress, eBay, bravobride, oncewed, and classifieds section. These dresses are usually once worn, but sometimes they were never worn. The bride may have decided on a different dress or has size issues. Occasionally you find one that cancelled the wedding, but if you don’t believe in bad wedding juju then that is still a 100% viable option. In my area there is the Local Sales Network, too. The wedding specific sites are usually pretty legit, but ebay and local sales are pretty sketch sometimes. At least, though, with local sales you’ll probably meet the seller in person to get the item so that lowers the risk of the person completely flaking on you. I love the dresses on these sites.

They* have:

  • great prices
  • older styles, too
  • come pre-infused with joy
  • create less waste!

But I found nothing that called to me on these sites, until one day I was browsing eBay (for a clarisonic, not even a wedding dress!) and SHE was on the search results. She was my size, full-skirted, eye-searingly white, not-too-blingy-but-very-bridal. The price was right. I didn’t want to make an impulse buy and end up with dress regret**, though. I waited and thought about it for the longest half hour of my life. That dress is MINE and now lives on my closet door in her little bag. So much for self-control.

*not a sponsored post

**a common phenomenon in the bridal world, I’m told.


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