On First Kisses

We had been an unofficial couple for two or three months, but our first kiss was two weeks after we started dating. I remember because I had decided that’s how long I would give him before I made the first move. I had tried everything I could think of to get his to kiss me. There were tons of times that I lingered awkwardly close, I stared at his lips, I even batted my eyelashes– really. So finally, we were on the mountain at a spring filling up water bottles– this is where you get to see what a spaz I am–I picked up a rock from the side of the road, walked over to him, and I said, “I have something for you” then I put the rock in his hand and laid a big one on him. Awkwardly.

the rock in question

I’m so excited about the first kiss as husband and wife… our last first kiss.  In my head, it will be magical and classical piano will play (possibly with some strings) and there will be a light breeze go through the church and it will fill the room with the scent of roses. Roses grown on a sunny mountaintop.

Listen, I know it will probably be just like another kiss. I think the fond memories people have of their first kisses as husband and wife are added afterward by the sentiment of the memory. But maybe, just maybe, it’ll be mountaintop roses.


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