Organization is a good idea

I made an account with, and I looked up the checklist. GUH. There were a lot of things on it. When you read through it, though, a lot of them are major tasks broken into many, smaller tasks. Initial intimidation defeated!

Some of the tasks are really minor. I could see that getting annoying after a while. I also dislike how they constantly have “Knot Hints” after some of those tasks- most of which direct you to their store. You can’t personalize the list, either. If some of those tasks don’t apply to you, if you aren’t hiring a videographer, perhaps, then the only way to remove that task from your checklist is to mark is as done. It’s not a terrible inconvenience, but a little off-putting.

On the plus side is that the tiny little details might get overlooked in the craze closer to the wedding, and following the checklist might serve as a good memory jog.  It’s also pretty easy to use, just a few clicks and you’re done.

All in all, I’d call the list more a of a boon than a nuisance.


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