Get ‘er done

I did just reference Larry the Cable Guy. I am now the lowest-class wedding blog on the internet.

If you’re still reading this after my faux pas, then I’ll tell you how I’m getting things done for the wedding. It’s an old-fashioned method called a “checklist”.

I made mine by looking at one in a wedding guide-type book and at the one that is in the back of the local wedding publication Tulle Weddings. I sort of combined these two into a version suited for my own needs using handy-dandy MS Word. The tasks are organized by time groups (meaning at first it’s every couple months and then every month, and then weekly, and then the last week is set out by day). I printed this list and keep it in my poor, neglected wedding binder.  At the start of a new month (and as needed between times) I open it up and check out my upcoming tasks, as well as cross off the completed ones.

Of course, many people may find it easier to do this electronically, but I loooove the feeling I get when I literally mark something off the list with my Inkpen of Authority. I also date the task so that I can keep track of when I got things done in case I need to know that in the future.

How do you keep track of your tasks?


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