The Claw. He has chosen.

I knew– nearly from the moment I knew I would marry him– that a small wedding just wasn’t in the cards for us. And it’s not his fault. Really it isn’t. I’ve just been blessed with a FANTASTIC family. And that fantastic family is also fantastically large. We’re right at the 150 mark so far for our June 2011 wedding, and at least 75 percent of that is family.  And my family out numbers his probably 2:1, maybe even 3:1.

Luckily, our venue can hold ’em all.

So you don’t think I just wrote down every name I could think of and had Mr. Dear do the same, I’d like to share the criteria by which our guest were chosen:

For family:

  1. Automatically included: parents and step-parents, siblings and their spouses, nieces and nephews
  2. Also included: Aunts and uncles (with spouses only, no SOs), cousins still living at home (no +1), grandparents
  3. Also included: some great aunts and uncles who have been involved in my life, and one “Aunt” who was my mother’s high school best friend and whom I have always called “Auntie”


  1. Automatically included: those who would be members of the bridal party (with significant others)
  2. Also included: People I get together with biweekly or more often (without significant others)
  3. Also included: talk to at least once a week for long-distance friends (this category was about 2 people)

We also invited people that we go to church with, but the selection method for those is in another post to come!


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