Church Family

We’ve decided to embrace the Bible Belt tradition of having an “open church” wedding.

That means inviting the whole church.

We’d do this by putting an announcement in the church bulletin for two weeks straight (roughly a month before the wedding). The announcement will read a little like this:

Happenstance Bride and Happenstance Groom would like to invite members of the congregation to celebrate with them at their wedding. The event will take place here on June 10th, 2011 promptly at 1pm. Refreshments to follow in the Fellowship Hall. RSVP by May 21st, 2011 by calling Miss DesignatedPerson at 931-246-5683″

It’s actually not as scary as you might expect.

packed like them

Those that come are (with rare exception) those that actually know the couple. And since our parents don’t attend our church, we don’t have to worry about our parent’s friends doing any self-inviting. It doesn’t increase the invitation cost either, since it’s free to put an announcement in the church bulletin.

Have you ever been to an “open church” wedding?


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