Our wedding finds a home

This is it!

The easiest wedding decision so far (aside from the hunk of burning love that I’m marrying!) has been the venue. I never looked around. I never called anywhere. I didn’t even do online research. Here’s how the venue hunt went:

Me: So, I think it would be nice to get married at the church.

Mr. Dear: I thought that was implied.


Here’s how we chose the reception venue:

Me: (thinking to self) We’ll probably have a guest list between 150 and 175…

Me: Hey, [pastor], what’s the fire marshal say about how many people can occupy the Fellowship Hall?

[Pastor]: About 200, maybe more. Want me to double-check?

Me: Naw, that’s all I needed.


There you have it. My church is also the site for my wedding and reception. It’s in a GORGEOUS area, nestled in a little valley, and lots of trees. The sanctuary is beautiful, and best of all it has meaning to me and to Mr. Dear, who was baptized there, right behind the altar where we’ll say our vows.

I’m excited! Anyone else have a stress-free decision when it came to a venue?


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