OMG, like, how did he do it?

 The proposal story is less than exciting, but everyone always wants to know. Here it is:  

So. I was less than surprised that he proposed to me. In fact, I MAY have already told him that I wanted a certain stone. I may have even sent him “inspirational”* emails with links to pretty rings in them.  To set the scene:  we are right in the middle of the snowiest winter the South has seen in a while, we’ve spent the past few days at his apartment watching TV, eating ice cream, and generally enjoying life.We leave the house to eat lunch, then he decides go to the park. Which is closed. Remember the snow? Mr. Dear became was pretty bummed that we didn’t get to take a walk, so I suggested a different park, one that has no gates.  We walked a bit in the snow delighting at the crunch.crunch.crunch. made by our shoes. Then he steers me into a gazebo and tells me he wants to spend forever with me and “will-you-be-officially-engaged?”

I said yes. (I also said, “What? Today?” because I didn’t know he had already bought the ring!)

That’s it. Really.

*To inspire him to get a move on with proposing to me.


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