Inspire Me, Baby

The Muses from Disney's HERCULES


Where do I find inspiration for my wedding?

I mostly just do searches using keywords from whatever is niggling at my brain.

What sort of theme (I prefer to think of it as a central idea) do you try to incorporate in your wedding?

Honestly, I just try to think of really cheap (but not ugly) ways to get the job done. Since paper is pretty readily available and inexpensive, it has unintentionally become a repeating motif in our wedding. It has shown up in our centerpieces and flowers, not to mention invitations and signage.

Do you have “colors”?

Yeah, but I chose them on accident, too, buying stuff after Christmas. They are black, white, and gold. Back when I was waiting, I liked to visit this website called The Perfect Palette, though.

 What time of day is your wedding?

The ceremony will be at 1pm, so that the whole wedding can take place during daylight hours.

And formality?

Well, this isn’t My Big Redneck Wedding, but I reckon Sunday best will do. I guess that’s vague, since depending on the church you go to, you could be on jeans and your Bass Pro tee or a custom suit. We’ll call it business casual without the business.

Let’s play the pick three game. What three words do you want your guests to think of at your wedding?

marriage… happy… and… ice cream?


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