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Sweet words

The Llama and the Aardvark
Went ambling by the llake;
The llama said, “I llove you
Aas much aas llemon cake.”

The lady aardvark aanswered,
“I’ve lloved you aall aalong,
Aas much as llarks and llovebirds
Aadore aan Aapril song.”

The llama said, “How llovely!
Llet’s never llive aapart!”
The aalways-aardent aardvark
aagreed with aall her heart.

By Leslie D. Perkins


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Come here, little girl. Want to know a secret? It’s sooo good to hear it.

Ever since the colors and flowers were finalized, I knew what I wanted my bouquet to look like.

Black Bacarra roses

But this flower is ‘spensive. As in having just twelve of these guys would be enough to potentially sabotage my budget. I get these estimates for plain, unarranged roses: $76.99, $61.99, $129.95 . Yeah. This is one wedding dream I just have to wake up from, cause it ain’t gonna happen. Besides, my only goal for the day is to be married at the end of it. The color of the flowers that I’m carrying or even whether I’m carrying flowers at all is really just details.

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Cooking up fun with our posse

Instead of sending out a “Will you be my bridesmaid (or groomsman!)” invitations, Happenstance Groom and I decided we needed to have a get-together. I left the orchestration to my fantastic fiance, and he did a great job with everything. We had a cookout at a local park.

The menu? Bacon burgers from Cope’s.

This slaughterhouse uses fresh beef and grinds the bacon up along with the hamburger. It is a must-eat.

To go with the burgers and fixins we had chips. Simple? Yes. Delicious? Most certainly. And a cookie cake!

We played card games (Texas Hold’em for the gents and Disney Princess Uno for the ladies) and generally had a nice time together. Here’re some of my favorite random shots from the day:

groom's gents M and J between rounds of poker

Gent A is doing a Hank Hill impression, I think

Lady K is sad about how many cards she just had to draw

HG hard at work

Happenstance Brother, T, is showing us that a paper crane can too fly!

Gent M is grilling with style, yo

T and me having a swinging contest

He's way taller than 22-year-old me and he's only 14!

Lady W and I were kicking Princess Uno butt, and looked like princesses to boot!

My favorite image of the day: I look so pleased, but HG looks like he is merely resigned to his fate

* all personal photos

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Musically Inclined

My first choice was Adam Sandler, but I hear some bitch named Linda broke his heart, so we’ll just be using the church’s sound system for our music.

Here’s our music selection:

Ceremony prelude- Disney music! I always said that my perfect man knows as much disney music as I do. And he does! A duet isn’t an uncommon occurence ’round here.

Bride’s processional- Please don’t watch the video, only listen.

Recessional- Our song!

Really the only music that was ever any question was my processional. My other two contenders were this and this.

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Veils for dummies (or for this blogger)

Warning: precocious post ahead





CATHERDRAL (because you should go big or go home)
Didn’t catch that the first time?


Them’s veils. Pick one. IT DOESN’T MATTER WHICH ONE. You will have a happy day no matter what. Even if you forget to put it on. Even if you choose to not wear one.

As always, click for source

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Okay, bouquet

One night, while making a frozen pizza and doing laundry, I decided that I should take the roses HG got me the week before and do a trial run with making my own bouquet. First I cut the stems to what I considered a manageable length:

Then I stripped off the leaves:

And, using Scotch tape (because I’m a Macguyver like that), I taped the stems together:

I showed it to HG and he said, “That looks kind of little.” And I agree. We both think it needs something extra to give it a bit more oomph*.

That’s the final product, and we both agree it’d be lovely and a ‘maid’s bouquet, but it’s not enough of a statement for the bride.

*HG suggested adding another type of flower into the mix.

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please, please, please click picture to see their cute story!

A first look, meaning the bride and groom see each other before the big moment when the bride walks down the aisle, is something I never heard of in my pre-affianced life. I always thought that everyone waited until the aisle-walk.

I can definitely see how that would be really convenient. You could have all of your pictures out of the way before the ceremony and not miss any reception time. You also have the option of going through the areas of your ceremony and reception and double checking everything together. I also feel like it might take a bit away from the moment. Eh. I asked Mr. Dear what he wanted to do, you know, to look or not to look. You’d’ve thought I’d suggested we find an Elvis impersonator and stand on our heads while we say our vows. I wish I had a picture of his face. He actually looked a little green. Credibly, though, he didn’t make his reaction too strong. He wants to keep the moment sacred. I guess that’s that as far as the first look goes.

 PS; I secretly hope he cries. Just a little overwhelmed-by-the-moment-and-your-beauty tear or two. What about you? Are you looking?

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