The Long Goodbye

As you can tell, my wedding  journey is over.  Thank you for sharing it with me! If you’d like to follow me as I learn to be a newlywed, you can find me over at Dear Happenstance.


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Budget, budget. Who’s got the budget?

This is just to give you an idea of where our budget ended up going. I’m quite pleased with the total.

venue: $300

linens: $311

ice cream: $55

toppings $55

drinks: $12

cake: $95


  • large bowls: $25 for 25
  • ice cream cups: $36 for 500
  • spoons: $21 for 100
  • candy dishes: 3 @ $3.98 ea
  • LOVE plates: $38
  • ice cream scoops: 20 @ 1.18 ea (plus shipping)
  • plates and forks for cake: $15
  • napkins: $3

favors: 112 for 72 drinking jars (also used for serving at the wedding)

 lawn games: 264 total

photography: 750

attire and accessories:

  • dress: $300ish
  • new shirt for him: $23
  • lacy undies for me: $5
  • everything else already owned

attendant gifts:

  • pearl necklaces for the ladies: 5 @ 20 ea
  • ties for men: 5 @ 10 ea
  • engraved pocket knives: 5 @ 12 ea

flowers: $75ish


  •  “i like you” book for ceremony: $7
  • four large vases: $48
  • card cage: already owned
  • cake server set: $10
  • guest book and feather pen: $12
  • make up: already owned (except new perfume, which was $48)
  • marriage license: 99

Grand total: $2,984

Not included is the cost (about $50) for our original invitations. Because we were forced to replan the wedding 40 days out, we only had time to send evites to let the guests know that the venue and city had changed.

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Dear Me: I Become Mrs. Dear

So we’ve had our first look, our posed shots, and I showed you the food we had at our relaxed reception.


It was time for the ceremony. My heart pounded, sounding so loud in my ears that I was sure everyone else could hear it. I wanted to jump up and down and clap my hands in excitement. The men waited.

guest photo

The women waited. Er, and my brother.

guest photo

My song (link) began. We walked.

guest photo

And our reading (link) began…. “I like you… and I know why.”

guest photo

And said our vows. And we exchanged rings… without any speech about it.  We just did it, and it only took a moment.

guest photo

guest photo

And we kissed. It was a wonderful kiss. My advice to all brides is to kiss him like you mean it, and that will be how you get your perfect wedding day kiss.

guest photo

And I smiled into the eyes of my groom.

guest photo

And together, we took a breath.

guest photo

He took my hand, the recessional song (link) started,  and we walked up the aisle together as man and wife.

And with that, we’re done. The story of my wedding is over, and my marriage is still just beginning. Thank you for being there with me as I planned and pulled my hair. Thank you for rejoicing with me when our day finally came.

all photos by serene space photography unless otherwise indicated

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Dear Me: Fun and Funner (The Reception)

So we’ve had our first look, our posed shots, and I showed you the food.  The reception was by far the most relaxed part of the day. We all just kind of ran around like wild banshees. AND I LOVED IT.

guest photo

First, we cut the cake and fed each other the requisite bites. And then people wanted us to stand there. I swear every guest had a camera out. Be warned, apparently it’s law to take a picture of the bride and groom beside a pastry.

guest photo

You can tell we were grimacing and ready to be DONE. But eventually we were released. And then we posed for a few shots with a picture frame that one of our guests happened to have IN HIS CAR.

guest photo

 Out guests were playing lawn games. And they were having a blast!

I watched my brand-new husband play croquet for the first time.

I had a second helping of ice cream.

The kids played.

And the bigger kids danced.

guest photo

guest photo

And then… it was done. We were married. We went home and began our lives as man and wife.

You shouldn’t run off just yet, though! I’m going to share the ceremony up next!

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Dear Me: All the Small Things (And the Food)

Since I’m not really ready to talk about the ceremony yet, I’m stalling you guys with the rest of the wedding. Here are a few detail shots and, of course, the FOOD. 

A shot of the rings on the guest book pen, in the background we have the card box.



The rings again, this time nestled into my bouquet


The cake, which I’m told was fabulous. In the vases were the cranes that were meant to hang from the ceiling at our original venue. Hooray for plan b. And do you see the stuff on the wall? My aunts decided to hang leftover decorations there. I laugh every time I think about it.


Our drinking jars, which were a hit. Everyone was so excited when we told them they doubled as favors. Some people took three or four!  Also pictured, our paper straws.


The star of the afternoon was really the ice cream. Everyone looked like kids in a candy shop!


And they sort of were, because we had a number of toppings and syrups to go on top! Whoppers, gummi bears, peanuts, colored sprinkles, chocolate sprinkles, Andes chips and Reeses magic shell, strawberry syrup, chocolate syrup, butterscotch syrup, regular magic shell.  I still get hungry thinking about this buffet.


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Dear Me: Friends and Family

We had our first look, and we hogged the camera a bit, but then we posed with our posse. 



Mr. Dear with his groomsposse

Both of us with the groomsposse and the dude of honor

with DOH, my brother

the bride’s posse

with my father

with my mother

with his family

Next: details and food!

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Dear Me: Take a Picture, It’ll Last Longer

After HG and I had our first look, we paused to make a few shots. Heck, we were all dressed up and somebody needed to record that!

My soon-to-be husband had sent someone after a milkshake, because I hadn’t eaten breakfast yet. While I sucked that, down, the bridal party pictures were made! (And, naturally, I’ll show you those next!)

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